Welcome to Nekwerk: Your Chiropractor in Amsterdam West

If you are interested in better health and wellness, chiropractic offers a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. At nekwerk we can recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as  nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.

Michael Blackman DC brings 39 years of experience and training to Amsterdam West and has helped change the lives of many patients of all ages. We believe that your right to a pain-free day is paramount. We focus on helping you get back to enjoying the things you love… naturally.

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The road to healing…

I heard a lot about chiropractic treatment. My own suddenly acute back pain encouraged me to find possible relief of pain beyond the regular known treatments.

I found Nekwerk and basically Michael’s own story inspired me to pay Nekwerk a visit for my own problems. My experience is very positive. The pain has been reduced, I …

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Finding the Source Fast…

Michael Blackman has helped me several times over the years, mostly with my neck problems. He has the ability to find the source of the ​p​​roblem immediately,​ and ​​allow the body to restore to its natural balance.

With big gratitude,

Cristine Crebas

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Drawing on Years of Experience…

I have been a patient of chiropractic care since I was a teenager. Michael is very skilled, he looks at the movement range of the whole body to determine where the blockage is and then is very accurate in his adjustments. I appreciate that he also uses supportive therapies. And he draws on years of …

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What our Patients Say…

Dear Michael,

I want to thank for your help last month. With your quick and skilled help I got back on my feet in no time! Very helpful and it was certainly very nice meeting you. I’d recommend you to anyone.

Kind regards,


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